The extraction of porphyry takes place in the open, with the method of “flat mines”, in batches of excavation arranged on steps of varying heights between 10 and 20 meters.

Sorting: From the quarry front, the material is transported to the aprons, where it is subjected to a careful selection. The porphyry is worked over “counters” with the help of wads and wedges thus obtaining slabs of variable size and thickness. The larger blocks are squashed with the help of pneumatic hammers and reduced to size compatible with the sorting.

Material selection: the first selection process takes place during the sorting phase and is differentiated by thickness, size, color. The slabs have an irregular shape with unworked (natural quarry) edges.

The slabs, according to the dimensions, thicknesses and selected materials, are destined for final processing, which are carried out with sophisticated machines that allow the production of different types of finished porphyry, allowing a wide range of products.