The porphyry polygonal slabs is made up of irregular shaped elements.
The first selection process takes place during the sorting phase and is differentiated by thickness, size and color.
The treading surface is natural as it comes out of the quarry and the edges are all uneven. The treading surface is non-slip and guarantees excellent adhesion and safety to the flooring, even when wet.
It is a resistant and economical material, suitable for the realization of outdoor pedestrian and vehicular transit floors (sidewalks, courtyards, pedestrian crossing, paths, gardens, squares …) and of coverings (road and building walls, terraces …).

TypeThickness cmWeight kg/m2Diagonal cm
Normal2 / 570 / 75From 20 to 40
Thin1 / 345 / 60From 20 to 40
Large3 / 7100 / 110From 30 to 80
Large Thin2 / 575 / 80From 30 to 80