The porphyry binders are parallelepiped shaped elements, always worked by compression. They are generally used for the containment and the boundaries of the flooring but also as a real flooring element.
The most widespread use of porphyry binders is in fact that of a contour element to the paving of cubes: necessary to contain the thrust of the floor but can also have the function of insert inside the flooring.
The porphyry binders have parallel sides and right angles with broken sides orthogonally to the floor.
The treading surface has a natural quarry surface: non-slip and guarantees excellent adhesion and safety to the flooring, even when wet.

Width cmThickness cmLenght cmWeight kg/mL
105/8Da 15 a 4018
108/10Da 15 a 4022
1210/16Da 15 a 4035