Porphyryis a particular type of volcanic rock that thanks to its chemical composition and deposition has reached a set of technical characteristics (high compression breaking load, high resistance to chemical attack, high sliding and rolling friction) such as to make it particularly suitable in the field of flooring and coating, adapting well to any need.

Our extraction area is located on the Baselga di Piné plateau in Trentino (ITALY) in San Mauro, which is one of the finest deposits of the “atesina porphyritic platform”, a huge complex of volcanic rocks that extends into the region of Trentino Alto Adige.

The porphyry offered by us has a very smooth natural quarry top (rough to the touch but homogeneous) and the coloring tends from a gray to aviolet.

Chemical composition: over 70% of silica, about 14% aluminum, 8% alkali and small percentages of iron, calcium and magnesium.

Mineralogical composition: quartz crystals, sanidine crystals, plagioclase crystals and to a lesser extent biotite and pyroxenes immersed in a glass paste.

The technical characteristics of the porphyry together with the great capacity of setting and decoration that distinguish it make it be used for endless applications. It can be used for any paving: from the simple sidewalk or driveway, to the largest road or square also intended for heavy traffic, or perhaps to outline flowerbeds and embellish avenues and squares of historic centers. Unanimously considered by the expert technicians of the sector, a perfect stone for exteriors due to its natural quarry surface as an excellent walking surface, it is also unattackable by frost and the floors, over time, are kept in excellent condition despite wear and tear , loads, atmospheric agents. To all this is added an almost zero maintenance cost.